About Me

My Background and Purpose

Through more than 25 years of progressive leadership experience, I have built a strong connection to people as an executive, leader, mentor and coach.  I help individuals to clarify their own goals and priorities and to find their unique path forward.  I have broad, formal training which has informed my work in corporate life, as a board member, teacher and volunteer. My training, experience and entrepreneurial mindset now anchor me as a professional coach and consultant. 


I am passionate about the creativity and power of teams. The combination of different individuals to form a team in pursuit a common goal generates energy, out of the box solutions and personal growth.  Having successfully led, redesigned or started-up more than 20 teams (and been a member of others), I have experience and tools I want to share with you.    

My goal is to leverage my experience in leadership and quality to be the coach and consultant you need on your own journey.  

More Information

My Resume

I encourage you to check LinkedIn (LinkedIn - Julie Lautens) for my current resume. I trained through the Adler professional coaching program and hold  my ACC (Associated Certified Coach) designation from the International Coaching Federation ICF.    I hold the Corentus Inc. Team Coach certification and serve as a faculty member now in this program.   As a community member of  Leadership Intelligence Inc and NextGenLeaders, I partner with senior coaches and consultants who have wide ranging expertise.

Find Out More

If you are interested in finding out more about my coaching and consulting practice, please contact me to arrange a free conversation.