Frequently Asked Questions

What is the arc of a coaching conversation?

Over the course of a coaching engagement, the coach and client will cover client goals clarification, deeper exploration of those goals and their implications, choice of next steps, and action and accountability planning to progress towards the client's goals.

What is a typical coaching agenda?

A client's goals for coaching may include some or all of these topics:

  • goals clarification
  • life balance
  • leadership development
  • performance
  • strategic planning
  • influencing
  • communication

What are the benefits of team coaching?

Do you find that

  • your team meetings are less productive than you wanted?
  • you are disappointed with outcome of efforts to improve team performance?

As a Team Coach I support you as a leader to improve the performance of your team.   You set your learning goals and the team comes along with you in your learning journey.  

Your energy will no longer be focused on finding ways to optimize the team’s performance (which is a distraction from your core job responsibilities).    You will have more time for your customers and stakeholders.

Can coaching support Quality Systems?

The adoption of a Lean or Quality methodology requires a significant shift in mindset for the leader, for team members, stakeholders, vendors and customers – in fact, this shift in mindset is the most significant barrier most organizations face in deploying these methods. 

Leader coaching and team coaching directly impact and support shifting mindset by helping people discern their current ways of thinking and define and act to make changes that move them forward. Coaching and team coaching use the same methods of Appreciative Inquiry that are foundational to Lean.  

What kinds of questions will you ask me?

  • What do you want? 
  • What works best? 
  • What could you accomplish if barriers were removed? 
  • What will prevent you from derailing? 
  • May I introduce a tool / make an observation / share a hunch

Is our work together confidential?

This is an important question and critical to enable the success of our work together. 

My work with individuals is confidential, in keeping with the ethics of the International Coach Federation.    

In team coaching, as part of setting the contract for the engagement and for each session, the leader will clarify what can and cannot be shared with the team.  We will agree the topics that I work on with the full team and the way in which I will support the leader in working through each of those topics. The work I do with your organization will be held confidential to all people outside your team unless you specifically ask me to share specific information.   

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