Coaching Services

Leaders and Individuals

I facilitate and accelerate talent development and strategic change for my clients. My own experience spans R&D labs, manufacturing sites, supply chains, boardrooms, classrooms, government and non-profit organizations.  I have worked effectively across many disciplines and cultures.  

As your coach, I assure the confidentiality of our work together.  I look forward to helping you clarify your goals, remove barriers and move forward in ways that feel unique and authentically yours.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is a specialized discipline in which the coach works with a leader and, on behalf of the leader, with the leader’s team. The purpose of the coaching is to improve communication, relationships and delivery in the team. Teams that have used team coaching report significant improvements in the pace of delivery of strategic change and particularly in bottom-line performance.   

Coaching and Quality Systems

Coaching complements Quality Management Systems such as Lean Manufacturing, Quality by Design and pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing and Good Laboratory Practices.  

Lean, QbD, GMP and GLP require open, direct communication to ensure continuous improvement, compliance and rapid investigation of deviations. Coaching improves the freedom of the client to speak truthfully and to communicate more clearly and directly with their team members, peers and stakeholders.  Open communication and improved communication enable high quality results.  

Consulting Services

Working as a consultant, I focus on bringing an independent view to a team.  I have a breadth of experience in designing, leading and facilitating strategic change and transformation. My track record in technical team turnarounds can help you get the best value from your critical support teams.

I am known as a "valued innovation partner" and recognized for my "unique ability to connect the dots for breakthrough thinking."   My success in working with diverse teams - in many cultures, age groups and disciplines - means I can operate effectively in many situations.